Order2Cash Newsletter - December 2016

NL Government mandates e-Invoicing from January 2017. Order2Cash can help you prepare.

As of January 2017, e-Invoicing will become mandatory for all new contracts undertaken with the Dutch Government and Simplerinvoicing has been selected as their obligatory invoice delivery channel. To prepare for this, an Onboarding team is currently approaching Dutch companies, looking to find Senders that are willing to be early-adopters.

Simplerinvoicing is a standard that connects ERP, accounting and e-Invoicing software. The Simplerinvoicing network consists of cooperating accounting software and e-Invoicing service providers that share the common goal of simplifying the e-invoicing process, both for senders and receivers. The vision is to make e-Invoicing available to anyone.

Order2Cash is an approved Simplerinvoicing service provider. If your company is approached by the government’s Onboarding team and you need help in trying to arrange things technically; or if you would simply like some further information on how to prepare your own organization for the upcoming mandate, then feel free to reach out to our Support department. They can help you to understand what steps you need to take in order to ensure that your invoices meet the Simplerinvoicing standard. It could be that you require additional information to be made available in your invoice file, or your application will need to be upgraded.

Order2Cash is committed to ensuring its customers can send invoices anywhere, at any time and across any channel. That is why are continuing to build upon our extensive interoperability network for the benefit of all our customers. Being a Simplerinvoicing approved provider pays testament to our progress in this regard.

You can contact our support team directly on support@order2cash.com

Want to know more about e-Invoicing with the NL government? Join Simplerinvoicing for their upcoming webinar.

Each year millions of invoices are sent by post or via e-mail, often with a PDF attachment, to the Netherlands’ many governmental agencies and departments. The new legislation will change that dramtically, affecting a substantial amount of business in the Netherlands. But what will this mean for you, as a supplier?

Simplerinvoicing webinar: e-Invoicing with the Rijksoverheid – 15 December

Simplerinvoicing are hosting a webinar on December 15th that will provide answers to any questions you may have regarding how to prepare your business for this new legislation. Registration is still open so if you think the session may be of interest, you can read more about it, and sign up here.

e-Invoicing to other public administrations in Europe

The EU Directive on e-Invoicing and public procurement [2014/55/EU] affects more than just the Netherlands. Other EU countries now have the possibility to implement local legislation requiring vendors to send e-Invoices to public administrations. The EU's goal is to make e-Invoicing the predominant invoicing method in Europe by 2020.

Every country has its own specifications in terms of e-Invoicing formats, required fields and platforms to which e-Invoices must be sent. This has established a complex infastructure that suppliers are being forced to navigate and adapt to. If you conduct business across multiple territories, the complexity grows even more. Order2Cash's knowledge and expertise can help you make sense of the new legislation and deliver compliant e-Invoices to a range of public networks across Europe and elsewhere.

If you're having difficulty establishing relationships with any invoice portal or networks, let us know. Our extensive interoperability network is open to all customers. 

Invoice2Deliver now processing documents 7x faster thanks to recent update

Invoice2Deliver recently received a new technical update that boosted the overall processing power of the platform. Documents are now being handled more than 7x quicker than before, providing significantly improved delivery and processing times for all customers. A quick rundown of the main features of the full release is available here.

e-Invoicing is only the beginning - Order2Cash knowledge sessions in Amsterdam

Order2Cash is proud to support your invoicing needs, but are you aware of just how broad our full service portfolio is? Changing our name from Anachron to Order2Cash earlier this year signposted our evolution from a market leading e-Invoicing service provider into a fully global order to cash solution expert. It could be that some of you are still unaware of just how much of an evolution has taken place. If so, we’d like to give you a chance to find out.

In the coming weeks we shall be hosting knowledge sessions, alongside our partner BVCM, to which you are invited to attend. During these sessions we'll showcase the full Order2Cash platform, highlighting how this single online environment can help you to to manage, maintain and execute your entire order to cash process. 

From prospect analysis to customer contracting and onboarding. From hybrid e-Invoicing solutions through to flexible payment acceleration features, robust credit management software, collections management and more. It can all be found within the Order2Cash platform.

Reserve a seat at one of our upcoming knowledge sessions and discover why the future of Order2Cash is right here, with us.


Order2Cash knowledge sessions 

 January 10 & 24
14:30 - 18:00
BVCM Headquarters
Hessenbergweg 83 
1101 CX Amsterdam


Can’t make these dates but still want to know more? Click here to request a personal demonstration.

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