Order2Cash Newsletter. January 2016.

WEBINAR: 5 methods for converting receivers to e-Invoicing 

Onboarding customers to e-Invoicing

e-Invoicing can benefit your business in numerous ways, from creating efficiences in internal processing to reducing the overall cost to serve a customer, minimizing paper usage and much more. Convincing your suppliers and customers to make the switch to e-invoicing with you can be a challenge, however. In many cases, customers are simply reluctant to make the change and for different reasons. So how can you convince them that making the switch will be beneficial? Join us in our latest webinar to discover 5 key methods for onboarding your clients. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss a number of different onboarding approaches you can take that can help to maximize the impact of your e-invoicing project. We'll discuss:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Methods of communication
  • Key triggers and incentives
  • and more.

Watch our recorded webinar

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Looking for a further approval check on all invoice batches? Activate the quarantine feature.

Invoice quarantine approval flow

Our optional quarantine feature enables you to add a further check into your workflow and ensure that all of the information included in your invoices is present and correct.

The quarantine feature is available for all InvoicePortal and Invoice2Deliver customers to activate. Set your rules for which invoices need to be checked and once a batch is loaded into your portal we will provide you with an alert to check the invoices before processing.

If you think this feature may be useful for you and your business, then please contact our Support team to discuss the necessary requrements for activation. More details on how the quarantine feature works can be found in this support article

Take a quick tour of our payment and contract signing solutions

Order2Cash  provides a single online environment from which to manage a broad range of business-critical processes. Our Contract2Sign solution provides a simple method for accelerating your customer intake proess. You can have contracts delivered, securely signed and returned within a fraction of the time it takes traditionally, with a full audit trail enclosed in each and every document. Accept2Pay makes it easier for customers to pay you, no matter where you, or they, operate.Make the transaction process painless for all parties involved by expanding your payment options.

Get a quick insight into the main workflows of both solutions by viewing our short demonstration videos. Be sure to contact us if you'd like to see a more detailed demonstration.

Come and visit us at an event near you!

Aachron will be presenting Order2Cash at a number of trade events and seminars throughout 2016. Our events calendar is the place to go to find out where we'll be and when. We'll also be hosting a series of webinars and other sessions over the course of the year so please check back regularly to see if there's something of interest for you.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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